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  • What is the plug in the bottom of one of my carbon blades?

The plug on the bottom on one of the blades is used for blade balancing.  It is used to match the 2nd blade's weight and CG (center of gravity) to the 1st blades weight and CG.  This makes for a perfectly balanced set of main rotor blades.


  • What is the difference between the Extreme Edition and Sport carbon blades?

KBDD Carbon Fiber Sport Blades - Green Bottom
These blades are a little more flexible, and provide damping geared toward F3C and sport style flying. Great for beginner to pro pilots!

KBDD Extreme Edition Carbon Fiber Main Blades - Orange Or White Bottom
This series of KBDD Carbon Fiber blades features a slightly different CG and stiffness to cater to a wider array of flying styles. From F3C, F3N and Extreme 3D. Great for more aggressive flying styles from Intermediate to Pro level pilots!


  • What are your tail blades made from?

Our tail blades are made from a variety of plastic polymers.  Some of the blades also have fiberglass mixed in for extra stiffness.


  • Which blades have a safety wire?
Our 690mm & 710mm blades have a safety wire built into the leading edge of blades to help keep the blade intact in a crash.